The heroes in flight 93

Public relations man Mark Bingham got through to his aunt's home in California. Tom Burnett, chief operating officer for a medical-devices firm, made a number of brief calls to his wife, Deena. Speaking quietly, he asked her to contact the authorities and told her that a male passenger had been stabbed — later that he had died.

The heroes in flight 93

On September 11, the world witnessed one of the most horrific criminal acts in human history. We lost many great people that day, and many people exhibited great heroism. This memorial is devoted specifically to the heroes of United Flight 93 who courageously took control of their destiny and stopped the terrorists from using their plane as another weapon.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

To help remember these 40 individuals and what they did for us, the following 9, people signed this "thank-you card. Son of Flight 93's Alan Beaven. Dad, thank you for your final gift. I think about you every day. To my Mom, Hilda: You are our hero and we love you.

Sandy Bradshaw was a friend and my son-in-laws sister.

9/11 Attacks on New York and Washington, D.C.

She is greeatly missed. Linda was a source of great will and strength. A friend of the Martinez Family. Knew the pilot of flight Great man of God.

God Bless you Lyz and Emmy Glick. Sandy will always be my hero. God Bless you Joe Deluca a long time fellow co-worker and thank you for your courage.

Thanks, uncle Don for teaching us Christ's love and to live for Him. Proud to have been a friend of Jason Dahl.

The heroes in flight 93

Mark 's Cousin from Phoenix. This is for Deborah Welsh.

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Debbie was a parishioner in my church who I had the pleasure to know. She always had a joke, a big smile, and time to encourage others.

Although it's been one year since Debbie died, I can still vividly see her, sitting in my choir, singing louder and more elegantly than anyone else. She's my hero now. Thank you for being my friend.

Thank you Joe DeLuca and all your fellow passengers and crew for showing the world what real heroes.

The heroes in flight 93

Proud niece of William Cashman. With deepest sympathies to the families of all but especially Don Green. Honor Elizabeth Wainioyou will not be forgotten! We miss you Chris and love you.Sep 11,  · At 9/11 Commemoration, Trump Praises 'Heroes Of Flight 93' The president said the site of the crash in Shanksville, Pa., "is now a monument to American defiance.

Sep 11,  · America’s future is written by our heroes.” Gordon Felt, the president of Families of Flight 93, praised the unity and diversity of the passengers on the plane that day. Sep 11,  · Watch video · At Ballinger informed pilots of the attacks on the World Trade Center; Flight 93 received his transmission at Captain Jason Dahl responded at .

Oct 13,  · Dedicated to the Heroes of United People who fought back even when the outlook was bleak.

UnitedHeroes: Help Honor the Heroes of United Flight 93

These are people who left behind family and . Beamer, the caller, was aboard the hijacked and doomed United Airlines Flight 93 from Newark to San Francisco. Sep 09,  · More than people gathered Sunday at the United Airlines Flight 93 Memorial to dedicate what is believed to be the world's largest musical instrument.

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