Sea lion research paper

However, it seems that the more we learn the more questions that arise.

Sea lion research paper

Anchorage, AK Abstract For the past 30 years, we have seen a decline in the Steller sea lion Eumetopias jubatus population. It is our belief that the majority of the decline is due to the altering of the fish populations.

As humans fish the seas, they are removing competitors to the walleye pollock. Although this fish is very important to the Steller sea lion Fig. The pollock is a low quality food and when sea lions are forced to rely heavily on them, they do not provide as much energy.

This slows down their metabolism and development. Due to the fact that males control harems, if they are not replaced, they keep breeding and reduce the amount of genetic variability. This may cause flaws in the genotype.

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As the waters warm, the plankton the basis for the fish diet move north to cooler water. The fish end up following their food and since the sea lions breed in the same place as they were born, they do not go after the fish.

In the winter, the pollock stay deeper in the water and the Pacific herring move out to sea, past the range of the sea lions. All of this weakens the sea lions and makes them more vulnerable. We also believe that the hunting of the sea lion, done up until 30 years ago, has been an under-recognized cause.

When pups were killed, they decimated the entire generation. This will forever scar the sea lion population, since those pups and their offspring will never breed.

This also limits the genetic pool. Finally, we believe, a small part of the decline is due to a natural population cycle. One such example is that between the Lynx and Hare.

Introduction Statement Alaskan waters, though cold and remote, are bountiful with sea life, including sea mammals and sea birds. Humans have viewed these waters as a limitless supply of natural resources for thousands of years; but we were wrong.

Sea lion research paper

For the last 30 years, fishermen, scientists, and researchers, have noticed a sharp decline in the Steller sea lion population. Several reasons have been proposed over the years that explain the decline of the sea lion population. They range from over fishing to the natural population cycle, even though there has been no clear and convincing evidence given for any of these proposed ideas.

In this examination we will try to determine from our collected materials, reasons and solutions for the decline of the Steller sea lion population. We will look at several factors, including the above mentioned, over fishing and the natural population trend. Species Description The Steller sea lion belongs to the genus and species Eumetopias jubatus.

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The sea lion population in Alaska is divided into two different species, the eastern and western groups Fig. In this essay, we will mainly be looking at the western population. The two species are defined as any animal west of Cape Suckling degrees W and the eastern population is any animal east of Cape Suckling.

While the western population is considered endangered, the eastern population is considered threatened.Sea Lion Scientific Research. There has been a great deal of Sea Lion research for us to learn the basics of these animals.

However, it seems that the more we learn the more questions that arise.

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Issues Paper For my issues paper I am going to talk about the problems at Bonneville dam, with specifically the salmon munching Sea lions. Since Bonneville began to have sea lion sightings and at the time there were less than half a dozen of them so they were looked upon as a novelty.

Something. The Sea Lion is found in the West Coast of North America and the Galapagos Islands. The name of the sea lion is the California Sea Lion or the Zaluphus Californianus. Steller Sea Lion Research Projects. Our program supports recovery of Steller sea lions in Alaska through extensive field and laboratory research.

Fun Sea Lion Facts for Kids. By kidsplayandcreate. Click here for more animal facts. Sea Lions are in the Otariidae Family meaning eared seals. There are 7 species of sea lions. Steller Sea Lion: The largest of the sea lion. Lives in the Northern Pacific mostly around Alaska.

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