Pedal boat rental business plan

Instant Boats[ edit ] Phil Bolger was non-conventional in many ways and, among many large boats, yachts and custom designs, took an interest in what he termed "evolving crafty ways of building boats".

Pedal boat rental business plan

Or you live in a beach town or community? Then boat rental might be the perfect business for you. Boat rentals involves hiring out boats to fishermen, tourists, law enforcement agents and other people who need such services, in exchange for cash.

Boat renting is a very lucrative business and to start your own, you need the following information: For instance, there are -: Used specifically for fishing.

This kind of boat is used to transport water or fuel. A canoe is navigated through water using a paddle. This kind of boat is usually large enough for people to sleep and dine in.

A houseboat just like the name implies, is built like a house and people who rent it do so to use it as a temporary accommodation on holidays or for vacation.

A lifeboat is used to rescue people when there has been an accident on water.

pedal boat rental business plan

Speed boats usually have engines and can move very fast on water. A kind of boat that is powered by steam. A kind of boat that can move under water. Starting a Boat Rental Company — Sample Business Plan Template Successful boat company owners usually have boat rental clubs on the side, in order to generate more revenue.

This involves getting people to register as a member of your boat club in exchange for access to your boats at specified times. Boat rental clubs help you to make more money and help your registered members to save money by receiving discounted prices.

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Also, people see it as an opportunity to network and socialize. Buying your Boats To run a boat rental business, you certainly need boats and not just boats; you need solid boats.

This means that you must exercise caution when shopping around for boats for your boat rental business so that you can get ones with best features and perfect prices. You may approach boat dealers yourself or boat construction companies and give them a design of what you want.

You may also approach a broker to purchase it on your behalf.

pedal boat rental business plan

These people possess extensive knowledge about boats and would be able to help you choose the right boats for your business. In order to start your boat rental company, these are the steps you should take-: Find out the legal requirements-: You would have to pay a visit to the local water authorities Ministry of Inland Water Ways to find out the basic requirements for starting a boat rental company in your area.

For instance, you may have to hire a professional captain for your boats in some states while in other states, this may not be a necessary requirement.

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Choose the type of boats you want to rent out-: I already listed some of the popular types of boats that are usually stocked by boat rental companies. But it is left for you to study your area carefully to decide on the type of boats that are likely to be in high demand before you buy them.

You also need to factor in your location. For instance, if you want to start your business in a tourist town, luxury boats and cruise boats would do well in such areas.

Also, you should look into your budget to determine how many of such boats you can afford. At this stage, you can now purchase your boats. Since you are totally unfamiliar in this business, it is more advisable for you to purchase a small fleet with additions when your business becomes bigger.

Build a dock to store your boats-: You would need a place to store your boats to keep them safe and allow your customers easy access to them.We have specialized in pedal boats since ! We offer a great selection of pedal boats, canoes, dinghies and small bass boats, along with the most complete line of parts for almost every brand of pedalboat made.

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Voyages begin at the Westlake Landing Building on Lake $ Pedal Pub® is looking for entrepreneurs who wish to start their own business in locations throughout North America, Canada, Central America and the Caribbean.

If you are interested in a fun and profitable business, please contact us. Should a Pedal Boat Rentals Pedal Boat Rentals in Mountain City, TN need to reflect on perhaps an LLC Formation Permits and Tax IDs Required To Start my Own New Business Will Have Workers Pedal Boat Rentals in Mountain City, Johnson County.

Philip C. Bolger (December 3, – May 24, ), prolific boat designer, was born and lived in Gloucester, began work full-time as a draftsman for boat designers Lindsay Lord and then John Hacker in the early s.

Wheel Fun Rentals provides both our boats and bikes for rental from the City Park Boat House on Big Lake.. Please see the bottom of the page for information on the gondola.

How to start and maintain a successful Boat Rental Business