Jbcc minor works vs principal building

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Jbcc minor works vs principal building

Death or bodily injury or illness of any person Physical loss or damage to any property except where the works consist of alterations clause 9. Non-compliance by the contractor with any law, regulation, or bylaw of any local or other authority and the failure by the contractor to obtain any permit, license or approval that the contractor is required to obtain in terms of the agreement or in terms of clause 2.

Jbcc minor works vs principal building

Should such an event occur the contractor must notify the principal agent. Pb6c3 Physical loss or damage to an existing structure and the contents thereof where the agreement is for alterations or additions to the existing structure - see clause 9.

Should such an event occur, the contractor must immediately give notice to the principal agent Notice in terms of clause 9. These are important clauses and readers should refer to the agreement when dealing with insurance issues.

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Who must take out the insurance? The party responsible for effecting the cover remains liable to obtain the extra cover. What cover must be obtained? The following cover must be obtained Contract Works Insurance which must include cover for Free issue Temporary works Clearing and removal of rubble and debris and costs to reinstate the works where required Damage to employer owned surrounding property in the care, custody, control or to be worked on by the contractor Public Liability in respect of accidental: Death or injury to any person Loss or damage to physical tangible property Note: The public liability cover must remain in force until date of final completion Loss or damage caused by civil commotion, riot, strike, labour disturbance and lock out.

Removal of lateral support where the employer considers the execution of the works will result in loss or weakening of lateral support of adjacent land or property. The employer must appoint an agent of design and monitor appropriate support structures when necessary General Provisions The party responsible for effecting the insurances must provide proof to the other party of the insurances and renewals.

Should the other party object to the form of proof he must do so within 10 working days of receipt of the proof failing which approval is deemed to have been given.

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Notice of objection in terms of clause In these circumstances the insuring party must notify the insurer of the above and to clarify the status of the insurance cover Notice to insurer in terms of clause Notice in terms of clause Employers must effect separate insurance in respect of direct contractors The party responsible for the insurance must keep the insurers informed about any relevant changes in respect of the agreement.

The types of guarantees are: This must be kept valid and enforceable until the issue of the certificate of practical completion. Advance payment guarantees must be equal to the total of all the advance payments to be made to the contractor.

The amount of the guarantee may be reduced by the amount repaid by the contractor as certified in payment certificates.Both 'Project' and 'Reference' Documents are available for purchase and arteensevilla.com here to read more about Project vs Reference Documents..

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JBCC: practical completion, works completion and final completion: a brief overview

JBCC Minor Works Agreement Contract Data Edition: Year Published: The JBCC® MWA Contract Data follows the sequence of clauses in the JBCC® MWA Agreement - completed by the employer (principal agent) with space to record the names of the parties and agents, a description of the works, followed by space per clause to.

Principal building agreement (PBA) Edition: August Contract data - E C PBA: Edition: Minor works agreement (MWA) Edition: August Contract data - E C MWA The tendency is, however, to use either the JBCC or the NEC building agreements and for civil works the General Conditions of Contract for Construction Works.

Select. Preliminaries have been specifically formulated for use with the JBCC Series documentation Section A A recital of the headings to the individual clauses of the JBCC Principal Building Agreement, JBCC N/S Subcontract Agreement or JBCC Minor Works Agreement. Modifications to the standard clauses should be avoided.

Any . The following contract Agreements are produced by JBCC: Principal Building Agreement (PBA): The latest edition of this is the March ; Page 2 of 14 Minor Works Agreement: The latest edition of this is the 5th Edition, March Additionally MBSA have published a Domestic Subcontract The concept of Works .

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