Intb 310

LeBow Hall, with a finance trading lab, behavioral studies lab and integrated teaching technology in all classrooms. The new building features two lecture halls, 15 classrooms of varying sizes and seating configurations, including case study rooms and cluster classrooms designed to facilitate group work. Other amenities consist of extensive areas of student spaces, including 12 collaboration rooms, two quiet study areas, and 3, square feet of student lounges. LeBow Hall brings together faculty, students and staff, in a state of the art building on the University City campus.

Natural Resources and the Informed Citizen 3. The role of citizens in influencing natural resources policy. Integrative study of factors influencing wildlife, timber, range, water, air, mineral, and recreation resources, including resource scarcity, societal structure, economic influences, and institutional policies.

Focus on public involvement in natural resources planning and decision-making. Survey of basic principles of multiple-use natural resource management. This is an approved General Education course. It is preceded by the complete course title, unit value, semester-offered symbol and any special designations.

Credit for courses offered by California State University, Chico is awarded in terms of semester units. The unit value of a course is computed on the basis of one unit for each hour of lecture or discussion, two hours of activity, two to three hours of laboratory, or three hours of independent study or internship per week, for a week semester 15 weeks instruction plus mandatory final week for two additional hours minimum.

Courses meeting for fewer than 16 weeks will require an equivalent number of hours pro-rated on a per-week basis. For most courses, two hours of out-of-class preparation will be expected for each hour of in-class lecture or recitation.

Courses highlighted in yellow indicate that a change has been made to the course information. The semester a course is normally offered is symbolized as follows: You must fulfill specific coursework or other conditions before you will be allowed to enroll in the course.

Intb 310

Prerequisites may be waived by the faculty member only on approval of a formal petition which fully outlines the equivalent attainment. You must have a passing grade for a prerequisite course. Your total number of units determines whether you meet a prerequisite for class level e.

The prerequisites line may also contain the following information: It is recommended that you have prior coursework or knowledge; the term is used to advise and caution, but not to prevent your enrollment. You must take concurrently the course or courses indicated.

The requirement may not be waived. You are advised to take a recommended concurrent enrollment; it is used to advise you of proper course sequence. You must obtain permission of the instructor before registration can be allowed. Inquire in the department office for specific instructions regarding permission to register.

Line 4-The Course Description: A complete course description is provided.

Business Administration - Ferris Course Catalog

You may assume courses meet for one hour of lecture per unit of credit with regular letter grading employed unless otherwise stated. At the end of the course description, a statement or series of statements will appear to indicate any special features of the course: Diversity or Global Cultures studies.

This practice is subject to change without notice. Laptop Requirement There are some courses that require the use of a laptop computer, and others that require specific software, or both. These courses and the programs they appear in cannot be completed without the required hardware and software.

Programs and courses that have such requirements will have clear notes to identify them.

Please consult with the specific departments for details. Sustainability Courses Courses marked with a green leaf symbol are a part of CSU, Chico's devotion to sustainability practices and education.

Intb 310

These green courses emphasize environmentally responsible awareness and learning. Course Numbering System The following course numbering system is employed.View and Download LG -Ti service manual online.

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LG-Ti Cell Phone pdf manual download. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration () por Howard Frederick 1. Entrepreneurship Major (24) Core (12) ENTP Creating Entrepreneurial Ventures. Note 5: Applies to CLKIN/INTA and SQW/INTB only.

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