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Contact Essay on venezuela geography Both schools are private. Retail operations in Venezuela do not look very different from those in the United States. PromarTV provides considerably less news programming than the other networks. The government blamed the blackouts on sabotage, and in October expelled several U.

Essays on venezuela

How to Write a Summary of an Article? Venezuela Culture In all cultures, there are different dimensions that can be categorized into a continuum.

Kluckhohn and Strodtbeck have functions of cultural patterns such as common human problems, preferred solutions and most importantly, a continuum.

A continuum is how things are rated by percentages. It could be either more or less in certain situations. The country I chose to do is the culture of Venezuela. Venezuela is very similar to the rest of the Latin American countries but has exceptional characteristics when it comes to the dimensions that Hofstede describes.

The dimensions of culture that will be discussed fall into the four common ones: Venezuela is a unique country with many different ideas that relate to their culture. Venezuela falls into the collectivism category.

This means that the country unites as one, focusing on the needs of groups rather than the individual themselves. The other side of the dimension is individualism. Individualism, as its name says, focuses on the individual where they have to sand up for themselves.

Collectivists tend to have large, extended families which continue protecting them in exchange for unquestioning loyalty Individualism Also, they work on becoming very skilled at something they are interested in. Venezuelan people are all about being loyal to each other. They see more good in a group, than good in the individual.

In Venezuela, the labor force has grown a lot over the past few decades. The unemployment rate has been very low and even woman have been getting jobs. The government has worked together so that almost everyone is employed.

Labor relations in Venezuela were consultative rather than confrontational, and the Confederation of Venezuelan Workers had good working relationships with the major business group, the Federation of Chambers and Associations of Commerce and Production Haggerty, The government wanted to make sure everyone in Venezuela was working.

Power distance is another dimension that can be classified as either high or low. This is determined by how much a culture has respect for authority. High power distance focuses more on higher status of power.

Teachers, parents and supervisors are treated with respect and are expected to show authority. Low power distance is a little more laid back. People can talk to whomever they want about anything. For example, an employee is able to talk to their manager about comments for the company or business they work for.

Venezuela falls into the high power distance category. People with elite status are more educated and focus mainly on their business and professions. Venezuela was one of the very few countries in Latin America where a number of elite-supported scholarly and community welfare foundations provided support for an imaginative variety of programs and scholarships Haggerty People in middle class respect the elite.


Thought it is possible to move up from middle class to elite, this can only happen through successful business deals or by marriage.

Either way, Venezuelans know to respect the authority wherever they are. Venezuela has a president and vice president who serve five year terms. The president chooses his cabinet and determines the number of ministries.Essay about Hugo Chavez and the Death of Democracy in Venezuela Words | 10 Pages.

Venezuela, located in the Latin American region, is a country that has been characterized by its abundance of oil reserve. Venezuela, which emerged from the collapse of Gran Columbia in , has been tainted with mostly benevolent military rulers.

Essays on venezuela

After the spread of free elections across Latin America in the last decades, recent events in places like Venezuela illustrate the fragile state of democracy in the region/5(3). Jun 04,  · Venezuelan Foreign Minister Delcy Rodriguez (R) and Minister of Communications Ernesto Villegas (L) walk before a press conference in Caracas on February 15, Venezuela .

Free venezuela papers, essays, and research papers. The Role of President Hugo Chavez in Venezuela - The Role of President Hugo Chavez in Venezuela Introduction Venezuela is a late bloomer in regard to having complete independence and in terms of running its own democratic government.

In Venezuela today, no independent government institutions remain to act as a check on executive power.

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The Venezuelan government—under Maduro and previously under Chávez—has stacked the. Frontier: Venezuela and Much-maligned Venezuela Essay. For most people who have heard or read about Hugo Chávez in the international media, his reelection on Sunday as president of Venezuela by a convincing margin might be puzzling.

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