Dockers creating a sub brand case analysis

The losses for exclude the operating results of our wholly-owned subsidiary because it was not acquired until March 1, Future losses are likely to occur. Our independent auditors have noted that our company does not have significant cash or other material assets to cover its operating costs and to allow it to continue as a going concern.

Dockers creating a sub brand case analysis

As a marketing professional, I am interested to write about how a firm can improve its service offering and beat customer expectations.

In my observation, I have noticed that companies often fail on customer satisfaction - for a simple reason that they do not know what the customer wants! In other words, services providers do not listen or observe what the customer wants and instead they insist on offering what they think the customer is asking.

To explain this in easier terms, I want to quote a recent example: I often visit a restaurant near my house. So far I had good experience every time I visited. But on one occasion it was vastly different.

Dockers creating a sub brand case analysis

My friend had ordered "Vegetable Noodle Soup". But the waiter returned after a long long wait with "Vegetable Noodles". Since that was not what we ordered, we called for the manager.

The manager on hearing our complaint, absolved the waiter of nay mistake and in turn insisted on us to have the "Vegetable Noodles", claiming that it was what we ordered.

The end result, a bad customer experience and loss of reputation! Though the above was such a lame example, the same is repeated in technology services as well. A IT services firm delivers a software with different set of features than what the customer wanted, or the software works in a different manner, etc.

The reasons on such service failures are several. In this article I will not write about the reasons for service failures. Instead this article is all about how to detect, measure service failures, how to track service performance and gain insights to improve the quality of service and hence the level of customer satisfaction: Market Research Market Research The most common tool available for all marketers is market research.

Market research being such a complex exercise, it has to be used carefully to avoid creating additional customer agony and at the same time make research valuable to the company. The term "Market Research" tends to invoke a feeling of an expensive exercise which is best done by an outside firm or consultant.

Small firms with limited resources often choose not to indulge in it. This could be true if the world was flat and if the sun were to go around the earth. Any firm can and must do market research.

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It can be as simple as the owner of a small firm talking to a customer, or the salesman talking to the customer. The cost of market research is insignificant when compared to the cost of not doing it.

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Research Objectives Like all other research, Market research should be driven by objectives. The most common research objectives for services are: Individual firms can further redefine or refine their objectives for their market research. The objectives for Market Research in services differs from that of products in several ways.

One must be aware of these differences to make the results of the market research valuable. The main differences are: Service performance is subject to human variability. People providing the service may provide varying levels of service.

Thus measuring a service quality only once is insufficient. To understand, consider the above example in a restaurant: The waiter might have had a busy day and were really tired thus confusing Vegetable noodles for Vegetable Noodle soup.

The process under which services are provided may vary - even though the waiter was doing his best. In our example, the hotel manager would have told the waiter not to return the food or make the waiter bear the cost of his error.

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Customer will have different levels of expectations and different levels of perceptions of what constitutes a good service. Service quality measurement has to be carried out several times to give a meaningful results.Chart and Diagram Slides for PowerPoint - Beautifully designed chart and diagram s for PowerPoint with visually stunning graphics and animation effects.

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