Business plan canvas osterwalder kpp

CNVS Numerous adaptations of the methodology can be found. One interpretation that Osterwalder and Pigneur consider acceptable is called Business Model Theatre.

Business plan canvas osterwalder kpp

Ambassador as well as leading political figures, economists, analysts, and businesspeople, With the theme, Rebuilding Greek Credibility, the conference focused on Greece as it attempts to emerge from its most serious financial crisis in modern history.

The event was attended by several hundred businessmen, politicians, Members of Parliament, local officials, diplomats and academics. Samaras focused on the revival of the Greek economy which, he said, could be facilitated under a number of measures different than those of the memorandum, which he regards as leading Greece to a dead end.

The imposition of lower tax rates, decreased social security contributions, reduction of bureaucracy and public waste are some of the measures that New Democracy promotes. More than guests enjoyed a traditional Thanksgiving luncheon in the country club setting. Ambassador Daniel Bennett Smith was guest of honor.

However, he insisted that the huge public sector will have to be reduced in size and called for deep structural reforms. The event, which brought together members of the business community of Northern Greece with the heads of local public companies and utilities, was held at a time when public companies must put into place new training and strategic plans for the period.

The objectives of such policies are anchored in the mandate of correcting fiscal and external imbalances, while reestablishing confidence and sustainability.

business plan canvas osterwalder kpp

Progress is systematically observed and evaluated based on quantitative criteria Business plan canvas osterwalder kpp Among these are the Tax Reformation Measures which have been already been acted in progressive taxation, reduction of exemptions, broadening VAT basisand the tax administration restructuring measures expected to implemented inunder the Mini Tax Bill underway.

International experience has taught that tax administration reforms of this kind are a complex, long-term processes, which require deep diagnostic tools and the formulating of appropriate reform strategies. In other words, there is a need to define what to change, design practical and manageable steps, and implement the restoration strategies in a controllable time frame.

As such, apart from the effort need to be invested on the side of the competent Administration Services, reliable technical assistance is needed, which is expected to be provided by the IMF. Frontiers to be tackled by this major project, cover taxation auditing functions and collection mechanisms: As such, the business community is anxiously waiting for the draft Law dealing with theses measures.

More important, however, the business community is concerned about the improvement of the quality of tax audits which, to date, have concentrated on cash collection rather than verification of tax compliance, thus inflating the post-audit effective tax rate.

As has been declared in many instances, strict measures with anti-evasion plans, to restore tax discipline, are always welcomed by the healthy business community. The focus being to communicate a comprehensive set of sound proposals, capitalizing consistently on the principle: In order for such status to be reversed, numerous, fundamental or targeted, measures need to be taken by the Greek Government.


Proposed Measures I n the field of taxation, such measures should tablishment is created in the above case. As per the proposals of the European Economic Recovery Plan COM and following the UK example, temporary reductions in the level of the standard rate of VAT can be introduced as a means of supporting consumption; this proposal should not be conceived as unrealistic due to existing budgetary constraints, since there are strong indications that recent increases to the VAT rate in Greece have not resulted to the expected increases in State revenues; tax reductions should also be introduced for energy efficient investments.

Any tax measure shall not aggravate the already existing crisis; it shall form the fiscal part of a wider stimulus package to foster the economy and give boost to development and growth, which is the only way forward, irrespective of the future developments to the Greek State debt crisis.

More specifically, according to the provisions of Article 16 N. Draft EU Directive for Combating Tax Fraud According to a press release of the Council of the European Union of 7 Decemberthe Economic and Financial Affairs Council has agreed on a draft directive on strengthened mutual assistance of the member states of the European Union and the exchange of information in order to combat tax fraud.

The directive will ensure that the OECD standard for the exchange of information on request is implemented in the EU as regards the exchange of information on request. It will thus prevent a member state from refusing to supply information concerning a taxpayer of another member state on the sole grounds that the information is held by a bank or other financial institution.

The directive also includes other provisions. Moreover, you have to achieve sustainable long-term growth and renewal through constrained resources and restricted self-funding.

What a boggling oxymoron! How do you address such perplexing oxymora? How can you retool such apparent serendipity into pragmatic certainty?Sep 01,  · A 2 minute overview of the Business Model Canvas, a tool for visionaries, game changers, and challengers.

This method from the bestselling management book Business Model Generation is applied in. Using Business Model Canvas to Launch a Technology Startup or Improve Established Operating Model.

Share: (see LEGO’s reinventing experience presented on a canvas). Osterwalder says, “Everybody needs to understand how to use this and use this as a shared language.” creator of the Business Model Canvas.

No business plan works out. Business Model Generation is co-authored by Business Model Canvas practitioners from 45 countries and was financed and produced independently of the traditional publishing industry. 20+ Business Model Canvas Template – PDF, DOC, PPT To build up new strategies for your company free PSD business model canvas templates are very helpful.

They help the businessmen to analyze and judge the current models that are running in the business. The Business Model Canvas was proposed by Alexander Osterwalder based on his earlier book: Business Model Ontology.

It outlines nine segments which form the building blocks for the business model in a nice one-page canvas. You can find a detailed explanation in his bestselling book "Business Model Generation". Business model canvas versus business one is better? Update Cancel.

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