An introduction to the australian football league

AFL is a game involving football players, an oval and an oval shaped ball — a football. Each game is divided into four minute quarters with a minute break at halftime, and is played on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. There are 23 rounds in total throughout the season.

An introduction to the australian football league

Collingwood-Carlton Rivalry Argued by some to be the greatest and longest standing rivalry in the competition.

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Games between these two clubs regularly attract large crowds regardless of whether they are in finals contention or not. Carlton-Essendon rivalry As is the case with two successful sides in any competition, fans of each club love to defeat the other. In recent times, Carlton famously upset the heavily favoured Essendon side by 1 point in the Preliminary Final.

Essendon also led Carlton by 48 points deep into the second quarter of their Round 3 match at the MCG, only to be overrun by Carlton in what would go down as their greatest ever come from behind victory; however, Essendon went on to defeat Carlton over the next 6 encounters, with Carlton finally breaking Essendon's winning streak with an emphatic 76 point win in Round 19, Queen's Birthday match A traditional white collar Melbourne v blue collar Collingwood rivalry, additionally fuelled by a narrow loss to Collingwood which stopped Melbourne from winning a fourth flag in a row in and Melbourne restricting Collingwood to 14 points in the grand final.

United States Australian Football League

Half of Melbourne's twelve premierships came against Collingwood and the teams have met in seven grand finals, the most of any pairing. Jack Dyer-Lou Richards Trophy Arising from the fact that the two areas neighbour each other, Richmond and Collingwood were both highly successful in the late s to the early s; the clubs played against each other in five grand finals between and Collingwood won in, andwhile Richmond won in In the Grand Final, Richmond handed Collingwood an point defeat, a record at the time, causing Collingwood to lose an 8th Grand Finals in a row.

Melees have been fought between the teams in two recent matches — Round 20,and Round 2, — with almost all players from both teams involved in the altercations. Both teams played each other 3 times duringwith all three games pulling off massive crowds.

Crowds of 72, and 88, was attended between both home and away games with Richmond winning both times, until Collingwood unexpectedly pulled off a massive upset, smashing Richmond in the preliminary final in front of a crowd of 94, which An introduction to the australian football league the rivalry to reach it's highest point since Hawthorn v Essendon [ edit ] Games between the Hawks and the Bombers have proved spectacular, due to wild brawls The clubs contested the Grand Final in three consecutive seasons between andand the rough nature of these games and other matches between the clubs made them strong rivals during the s.

An introduction to the australian football league

InHawthorn inflicted a record MCG score of In the s, the clubs have played two matches which saw bench-clearing brawls: The latter brawl was famously sparked by Matthew Lloyd who applied a very hard bump, knocking out Brad Sewellin what would be Lloyd's last game.

Richmond v Carlton [ edit ] A rivalry based on geographical proximity and large supporter bases, the rivalry intensified as both clubs contested several grand finals between and[1] including the Grand Final where Richmond equalled the highest score ever in a grand final, only to be bettered by Carlton in the same match.

The following year Richmond won the Grand Final in an even more physically bitter contest than in recent encounters between the two sides; Carlton got their revenge in by defeating Richmond in their last grand final appearance until their win over Adelaide in InCarlton beat Richmond by 20 points in an elimination final, which was Richmond's first final sinceand third final since Sincethe first game of each season played at the Melbourne Cricket Ground has been played between Carlton and Richmond on a Thursday night early in the season, with an average crowd of 80, and a monster 90, crowd in when Richmond unflured their premiership flag.

A record crowd of 94, attended the Elimination Final between these two traditional rivals. It was the largest crowd for the season excluding the grand final, and the largest week one finals crowd since Carlton has never beat Richmond in a game since this final.

Richmond has also inflicted a total of four grand final losses on Carlton, and Carlton has only beaten Richmond in two grand finals and Anzac Day match Sincethe rivalry has been defined by the Anzac Day clash, a match generally draws a crowd in excess of 90, The inaugural Anzac Day Clash in was famously drawn, the match was won by Essendon in the final minute with a goal from youngster David Zaharakisand the match was won by Collingwood by one point after Jarryd Blair 's game-winning goal was reviewed by video replay before being awarded.

Dreamtime at the 'G A rivalry born out of the fact that the two clubs are both part of the "Big 4" clubs in Melbourne as the highly supported teams. SinceEssendon and Richmond have contested the annual Dreamtime at the 'G match, a celebration of Aboriginal players and their contribution to the league, typically held near the midway point of the season.

North Melbourne v Hawthorn [ edit ] Both teams entered the VFL in the expansion, and were generally unsuccessful through the first few decades, but the two teams were both very strong through the s, sparking a rivalry between the clubs.

The clubs played three Grand Finals against each other in four years, with North Melbourne winning their first ever premiership in by 55 points, Hawthorn winning in by five goals, and Hawthorn winning in by three goals. Melees have been fought between the two teams in recent matches — Round 16,and Round 5, — with almost all players in both teams involved in the altercations.

In the Grand FinalGeelong played the man, resulting in major injuries for several Hawks players, Mark Yeates knocking out Dermott Brereton at the opening bounce; Hawthorn controlled the game, leading by approximately 40 points for most of the match; in the last quarter, Geelong almost managed to come from behind to win, but fell short by six points.

In Grand FinalGeelong was the heavily backed favourite and had lost only one match for the season, but Hawthorn upset Geelong by 26 points; Geelong won its next eleven matches against Hawthorn over the following five years, under a curse, which was dubbed the " Kennett curse " which was attributed to disrespectful comments made by Hawthorn president Jeff Kennett following the Grand Final.

It was later revealed that after the grand final, Paul Chapman initiated a pact between other Geelong players to never lose to Hawthorn again. The curse was broken in a preliminary final inafter Paul Chapman played his final match for Geelong the previous week.

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North were denied by Essendon to join the breakaway competition because both clubs drew supporters from the same area and Essendon felt threatened by North's proximity to them which in turn drummed up fears that North could drain Essendon's talent pool if they were allowed to participate in the VFL.The Australian Football League (AFL) is the pre-eminent professional competition of Australian rules football in Australia.

Through the AFL Commission, the AFL also serves as the sport's governing body, and is responsible for controlling the laws of the game. Australian Football an Introduction to Umpiring ii Welcome to Umpiring 'day, Welcome to Australian Football, the most exciting, fast paced, hard hitting game in the world.

With a game season and 18 teams (16 teams from until with the introduction of the Gold Coast Football Club and the Greater Western Sydney Giants in and respectively), the AFL fixtures are not equal with each team playing seven other teams twice and eight teams once.

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ABSTRACTThis study investigated the evolution of game-play manifested via team performance indicator characteristics in the Australian Football League (AFL) from the to seasons. The mean values for 18 performance indicators were collated for every AFL team over seasons.

A multivariate analysis was used to uncover temporal trends in the dataset. StudyAdelaide takes a closer look at this unique Australian game What is AFL? AFL is a game involving football players, an oval and an oval shaped ball – a football.

Each game is divided into four minute quarters with a minute break at halftime, and is played on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. The VFA was established in , and in the league was renamed the Australian Football League to reflect the game’s national presence.

The AFL attracts the highest amount of spectators of any sport in Australia and the fourth-highest attendance of any professional sport in the world with an average of 33, people per game.

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