An analysis of the theme of being different in the novel a cage of butterflies by brian caswell

One of the pleasures I devise from being part of our beloved Genre is discovering a new bit of Horror or Dark Fantasy that I am pleased to pass along to my human companions. Each month I will be sharing with you something I have seen, read, listened to, and give my personal endorsement; I hope that these will bring hours of enjoyment and entertainment to those who truly love the macabre malevolence and mysterious magnificence of the Dark Fantastic Once again I choose to break my cardinal rule of never recommending anything without seeing it first.

An analysis of the theme of being different in the novel a cage of butterflies by brian caswell

I submitted the story to several literary journals. In the past week, Alton Sterling and Philando Castile also lost their lives, their final moments recorded in harrowing video that will numb and horrify anyone who is human.

Last night, five police officers were killed by snipers during a Dallas protest against police brutality. Clearly, the literary world is a timid and gutless bunch when it comes to publishing fiction that provokes and reflects the realities of our time. What is especially shocking to me is that, while I have not changed my story in any way, every sentence still applies.

I cannot stay silent about the headlines any longer. So I have decided to publish my story here, with the hope that it might help at least a few readers to make sense and find solutions to the terrible American nightmare. Silence is not an option when it comes to stopping racism and violence.

We asked you to move back as you lashed out with rubber necks and flimsy accusations. You aligned yourselves with the helicopter journalists after we threw those pesky gnats into vans and cells and any space we could call prison when they pressed past the limits of their credentials and tried churning their tyro familiarity with our precinct into a national story.

An analysis of the theme of being different in the novel a cage of butterflies by brian caswell

You never saw the fear that clouded inside the whites of our eyes. We are the ones in control. We crank up our warnings because your ears choose to deafen. The evidence will show that we had to take the nigger down, that he was a credible threat, and all this will wash out your social media speculations.

We are working with the FBI, the Department of Justice, the Highway Patrol, any old coot with a badge pushing his beak into our jurisdiction. We will never have our men found guilty.

We can produce videos, radio scanner chatter, logs, reports, just about anything needed for a slam-dunk case. We will respond to your sunshine requests, but you must understand that it will take time for our overworked and underpaid staff to sift through your poorly worded entreaties.

And by the time you get the docs you so desperately crave, it will be too late. Our first priority is to keep the community safe.

Dig all you want into the back story of the two primary officers involved.

Fiction – Reluctant Habits

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Well, if we were so committed to shooting tear gas at you at all hours, why do you think we let you steal some of our toys? You were the ones who photographed us and shared your slanted stories on YouTube. You call us pigs and crackers and Oreos and Uncle Toms if we share your shade.

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Life on Mars or Not - The Heavens. Once an object of superstition, awe and fear. Now a vast region for growing knowledge. The distance of Venus, the atmosphere of Mars, the size of . ENGLISH ESSAY INTRODUCTION The novel “A Cage of Butterflies” by Brian Caswell and the movie Edward Scissorhands by Tim Burton encompass the same theme of .

The extracts from Lord Luxon are taken from the beginning and the end of the novel and I have selected them in order to give a sense of how I have brought together different narrative elements in the trilogy.

"A Cage of Butterflies"