An analysis of the life and death of princess diana

Flipboard Last Updated May 22, 9: The reality is, they just knew a part of the Diana story. The special looked at the impact Princess Diana had on Britain, the monarchy and the world through the words of close friends who opened up about the personal conversations they had with Princess Diana in the weeks leading up to her death. From her wedding to Prince Charles in until her tragic death on Aug.

An analysis of the life and death of princess diana

Henri Paul Security service connections[ edit ] Theorists have alleged that the driver of the Mercedes, acting head of Ritz security Henri Paulwas in the pay of a national security service, though different versions of the allegation name the country of the security service alternately as Britain, France or the United States.

Evidence purported to support this arises mainly from money in his possession at the time of his death and his personal wealth. These allegations are covered in chapter four of the Operation Paget criminal investigation report. This initial analysis was challenged by a British pathologist hired by Al-Fayed.

In response, French authorities carried out a third test, this time using An analysis of the life and death of princess diana more medically conclusive vitreous fluid from inside the eye, which confirmed the level of alcohol measured by blood and also showed Paul had been taking antidepressants.

The draft, dating fromreferred to the memo and contained none of the detail about a staged car crash with flashlights in a tunnel.

It went on to comment that this embellishment was largely responsible for giving rise to the theories Diana was murdered. The alleged dislike of the idea of a non-Christian within the British Royal Family meant such a relationship between the mother of the future king and a prominent Egyptian Muslim would not be tolerated.

Operation Paget commented that an announcement of such magnitude from the Princess of Wales would have been a substantial media event of worldwide interest and would have required significant preparation. No evidence was found that any such preparation had been made.

A week before she died, the princess had told Goldsmith: Diana had explored the possibility of marriage with him. This had been met with no opposition from the Royal Family and Prince Charles had given his blessing.

He also stated that he felt the relationship was not opposed by the Royal Family or any other branch of the British Government including the security services.

Paul Burrell stated that Diana was still not over her break-up with Khan at the time of her death. Tropez on 14 July, meaning there were only 47 days from their first meeting until the night of the accident.

Of those days, their schedules permitted them to be together for an absolute maximum of 35 days. Cross-examined at the inquest on 14 February, he conceded that he had found no evidence of a criminal conspiracy to kill the Princess, or that she was engaged or pregnant at the time of her death, apart from the claims Al-Fayed had relayed to him.

This blood was found to have no trace of the hCG hormone associated with pregnancy. However, it was reported that friends said she was in her normal menstrual cycle and there was evidence she was using contraception. While the couple had indeed visited the villa, the circumstances of the visit were exaggerated to say it had lasted two hours and that it was in the presence of a prominent Italian interior designer.

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A security guard at the villa, Reuben Murrellfelt uncomfortable lying about the matter and sold his story to The Sun stating that the visit lasted just under thirty minutes and was not in the company of any interior designer. He provided stills from CCTV to prove this and said he had been in the presence of Diana and Dodi for the entirety of their visit, with there having been no conversation about them coming to live at the villa.

Secrets Behind the Crash, claimed to have shown the couple around with their intent being to live there, was not even present at the villa on that day as he was on vacation. On that day, by Judicial Order, he tasked the Brigade Criminelle with identifying all video and photographic images along the route taken by the Mercedes.

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Lieutenant Eric Gigou of the Brigade Criminelle led the team that carried out that work, initially by retracing the route several times and drawing up a list of possible locations.

His report showed that the team identified ten locations of CCTV cameras. None of these had any images relevant to the inquiry, since they were principally security cameras facing the entrances to buildings.

An analysis of the life and death of princess diana

Most of the cameras were not maintained by the City of Paris; the owners of the buildings to which they were attached operated them privately.

That department closed down at about 11 p. Officers in the Police Headquarters Information and Command Centre could continue to view the pictures shown by the traffic camera in real time but could not control it.

There would be no reason for those in the overnight control room in Paris to be viewing that camera in particular before the crash. It was also found that a photograph that was published in a book by David Cohen Diana, Death of a Goddess and captioned as having been taken just before the car entered the tunnel was in fact taken by a photographer as the car left the back of the Paris Ritz.

Extensive attempts by the French police to find the vehicle involved were unsuccessful. Al-Fayed further alleged that the Fiat Uno was owned by a French photojournalist named Jean-Paul James Andanson, [67] a security services agent according to Fayed, [22] who had photographed Diana while she was at his villa in St.

Tropez in July The French police spent a year after the accident searching for the vehicle and eliminated over 4, white Fiat Unos from their inquiry. Operation Paget decided it would be unlikely renewed enquiries would identify the vehicle involved as such a long period had elapsed since the accident.

An analysis of the life and death of princess diana

It concluded the threat of prosecution for a custodial offence probably deterred the driver from coming forward at the time. Andanson had been interviewed by French police in Februaryand had been able to provide documentary evidence about his movements on the previous 30 and 31 August which had satisfied them that he could not have been the driver of the Fiat Uno involved.

These demonstrated that Andanson could only have been at his home in Lignieres, miles from Paris, at the time of the crash.The Murder of Princess Diana is a bestselling book by British journalist Noel Botham which disputes the official version of events and suggests an orchestrated conspiracy.

A fictionalised telemovie adaption, The Murder of Princess Diana was later released. For some years after , it was theorised that there was an orchestrated criminal conspiracy surrounding the death of Diana, Princess of Wales.

However, official investigations in both Britain and France found that Diana died in a manner consistent with media reports following the fatal car crash in Paris on 31 August In , a French investigation concluded that Diana died as the.

Diana in Search of Herself is the first authoritative biography of one of the most fabled women of the century. Even those who knew Princess Diana will be surprised by author Sally Bedell Smith's insightful and haunting portrait of Diana's inner life.

The gods were pleased with Diana's work—one was a little too pleased, however. Zeus offered to make Wonder Woman a goddess if she agreed to sleep with him. Diana refused, and Zeus decreed she must be punished for refusing his advances.

The fairy tale life of Princess Diana was falling apart. In December, , Prime Minister John Major announced to Parliament that Charles and Diana were separating.

The divorce of Prince Charles and Princess Diana was finalized on August 28, The latest UK and World news, from Mirror Online. Find the best stories, opinion, pictures and video on the day's events.

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